How might we use customer service, space, and retail to empower people with work, community, and joy?


Welcome to the city of Toronto

Occasionally human, I enjoy referencing the art of basketball, music, and life, while learning about real estate, technology, people, and cultures. Aside from design, I love styling customers because I apparently have a decent fashion sense. I enjoy making people laugh and have yet to pursue my passion as a rapper and hip hop dancer that's in my DNA. I also like writing, tea, food, meditation, movies, and shoes.

I believe that design starts with customer service and being close to the customers so we can understand the problem. I love taking photos of the CN Tower and recently used Casalova to find a home. Growing up, I didn't get to travel much so I've only ever travelled for work — Montreal, first time in the US at the Bay Area, NYC, and Paris. Now I'm ready to move again and join a new team! Any questions or want to chat about my updated portfolio?

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Enjoy life,